What options are available for financing a trailer?

There are a range of options for financing trailers depending on the trailer and its intended use. These include secured loans, unsecured loans, business loans and personal loans.

Loans can be available for both new and second-hand trailers, either purchased through a retailer or via a private sale.

Finance terms for trailers are generally up to a maximum of 5-7 years depending on the lender and the type of trailer.

Whether you need a one-off custom trailer, or trailers for an entire fleet, speak with our team of specialist vehicle and equipment brokers to discuss finance options for your trailer today.

What types of trailers can be financed?

There are a wide range of trailers that can be financed through Bell Partners Finance including:
• Caravans
• Camper trailers
• Flatbed trailers
• Horse and livestock trailers
• Gooseneck trailers
• Refrigerated trailers
• Enclosed trailers
• Car trailers
• Equipment trailers
• Tanker trailers
• Boat trailers
• Semi trailer
• Dog trailer
• Custom built trailers