Success Stories

See how we help Aussies climb the ladder to financial freedom.
reverse mortgage

How we helped aged pension couple with a Reverse Mortgage

About Reverse Mortgages Reverse mortgages have existed for some time, with the recorded first reverse mortgage originating in 1961 from a bank in Maine, USA. The first reverse mortgage in Australia was offered back in 1986 by Advance Bank, which was later purchased by St George Bank. Reverse mortgages in Australia gained popularity after the…
happy first home buyers we helped

How we helped a first-time homebuyer secure a low-interest rate mortgage

Emily was a first-time homebuyer who had been searching for her dream home for months. After finally finding a property that she loved, she approached a mortgage broker called Bell Partners Finance for assistance in securing a home loan.
self employed borrower qualify for a mortgage

How we helped self-employed borrowers qualify for a mortgage

Sarah was a self-employed borrower who had been struggling to qualify for a mortgage to purchase her dream home. As a self-employed individual, she found it challenging to demonstrate a stable income history, which made it difficult to satisfy the requirements of many lenders.
family with dog happily refinanced home loan

Refinancing a home loan for lower monthly payments

Thanks to the lower interest rate and longer loan term, the Haigh's were able to reduce their monthly repayments by $300, which was a significant relief for them. The Haigh's were extremely happy with the services provided by Bell Partners Finance and would recommend them to anyone looking to refinance their home loan.